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We Make GetResponse Easy.

  • Ready to build tighter, more responsive email subscriber lists, faster than ever using GetResponse's powerful tools & automation?
  • Need to train virtual assistants, customers or clients on how to get up and running in GetResponse without having to show them yourself?
  • Place a high value on your available time and your attention?

Hop On The FAST TRACK To Using GetResponse Like A PRO!


Master GetResponse Video Training

Become A GetResponse MASTER

Picture this...

You're downstairs in the hotel lobby during a busy marketing conference.

The event is packed, famous and favorite faces everywhere you look…

Mike CowlesYou find yourself sitting next to well-known, highly-regarded online marketing expert and coach, Mike Cowles.

Everyone loves Mike Cowles.

He creates great tools & training products, plus he’s never been shy about sharing his money-making secrets.

Since he’s sitting right there, you ask him:

"Hey, Mike. I've been thinking about using GetResponse... I know you use them so, how does it all work inside - is it good?"

Mike reaches down into his bag, whips out his trusty MacBook Pro and says,

"Here, let me log into my account
and I’ll show you…"

In the same time you’ll spend scarfing down a working lunch…

You can have your own private GetResponse Guru sitting beside you at your computer, walking you through the exact steps for using GetResponse like a PRO.

In a matter of minutes, Mike Cowles personally demonstrates exactly how he uses all of the major functions inside GetResponse.

And he does it all from right inside his own personal account.

These are the most transparent, raw and REAL tutorials
for using GetResponse you can possibly get - anywhere.

?How much time and potential aggravation would THAT kind of
personally delivered insider info from a trusted expert save you?

?How confident would you feel about using GetResponse
after getting THAT kind of direct demonstration and advice?

Because THAT is our offer, exactly.

Try it now, watch this sample video below where Mike welcomes new members and goes over the orientation for the rest of the training series...

"I need this... let me have it NOW!"

Train Assistants, Freelancers and Employees To Use GetResponse

Master GetResponse is a PERFECT solution for training new outsourcers or employees how to get up to speed and using GetResponse fast.

Successful online business know the importance of delegating time-consuming technical tasks to virtual assistants, freelancers or employees.

The problem is - training new people can be a LOT of work. Especially if you're particular about details and how you want things done.

The work is already done - we teach them how to use GetResponse FOR you.

Just give them this quickstart video training and they learn how to do things YOUR way, the right way... right away!

Master GetResponse includes:

12 Fast-Paced MP4 Video Training Modules

Here’s the rundown of each Master GetResponse module:

  • Video 01: Welcome, Let’s Get Started! (02:57)
    Quick welcome and orientation video for the training series with overview of GetResponse advantages.
  • Video 02: Managing Campaigns (04:51)
    Demonstration of the Campaign functions, how to configure each of your campaigns, single & double optin settings, confirmation pages.
  • Video 03: Master Web Forms - Part 1 (08:48)
    Part 1 of creating and configuring Web Forms to collect email subscribers and publish on your websites.
  • Video 04: Master Web Forms - Part 2 (04:48)
    Part 2 of creating and configuring Web Forms to collect email subscribers and publish on your websites.
  • Video 05: List Automation Rules (03:05)
    GetResponses’s advanced list automation features for automatically adding buyers to new lists and segmentation.
  • Video 06: Master Newsletters (05:41)
    Demonstration of sending one-time email blasts to subscribers inside GetResponse.
  • Video 07: Master Autoreponders (06:21)
    Demonstration of GetResponse’s advanced action and event-based sequential email function. Powerful stuff!
  • Video 08: Maximizing Conversions (02:23)
    How to calculate and maximize your conversion rates for your email promotions.
  • Video 09: Optimizing Your Clicks (02:15)
    Demonstration of GetResponse’s powerful analytics and segmentation features for getting the most clicks for every email promo you send.
  • Video 10: "Secret" Optin Strategy (03:43)
    Explanation of a sneaky, yet completely white-hat way to add tons of new subscribers to your lists that almost nobody uses.
  • Video 11:  Master Split Testing (05:46)
    Demonstration of GetResponse’s split-testing features for achieving the best conversion rates and sales results.
  • BONUS Live Training plus Q&A Replay (01:07:20)
    To make sure we’ve left no stone unturned, we’ve included a bonus live training plus Q&A replay module where Mike drills down even deeper in a live environment, answering audience questions and demonstrating how to get things done in real time. 

These "Unofficial" Video Tutorials
give you only what you really want

  • A trusted, highly-qualified instructor, Mike Cowles.
  • Demonstrating everything you need to see and understand.
  • While leaving out all the junk nobody wants to sit through.

Because time really IS money...
This training is FAST!

We get it. "Just the good stuff, please..."

  • There's no fluff, and zero filler - it only takes Mike a few quick minutes to fully demonstrate each feature and get you up to speed.
  • The average run-time for each video module is around 5 minutes - you'll get in, you'll get out, you'll get done...
  • Inside your private member's account, you can easily stream and/or skip around the videos online - 24/7. Or, download any of them in MP4 to view on any computer, tablet or mobile device.

Now, it's finally fast and easy to use GetResponse for getting more subscribers...

...and converting more of those subscribers into new customers...

...and selling those new customers more products, more frequently!

"Why BUY this information?

That's the "elephant in the room" question you may be asking yourself right now.

"Why pay for information like this? There's got to be stuff online for free, right?"

Sure, we get the thinking...

...but it's a TERRIBLE way to run an online business.

As an entreprenuer, you always come out ahead when you invest in usefulness, quality and convenience - so you can get back to making money...

The public video tutorials for GetResponse we've seen
are so dreadfully bad - they're basically useless.

Stammering, stuttering, poor quality recordings, impossible accents - on and on.

Others don't hit the mark in terms of helping you get up and running - today.

They're garbage. And YouTube has thousands of them to sort through...

No, thanks. You'll spend the cost of this entire program in time, just searching.

GetResponse has a handful of help videos,
but they're really more like promotional
SALES videos than TUTORIALS.

They're edited really, really FAST and don't go into any detail.

They're not intended to teach you how to actually USE the service.

They're intended to make you WANT to use the service.

They're actually really well done videos - our friend Jim Ducharme, the Community Director at GetResponse, created them. He's a wiz at making these kind of fun vids.

But that's not helping you actually use and make money with GetResponse, is it?

You deserve better,
so we created it for you... Master GetResponse Video Tutorials

Best of all - we've made it irresistably inexpensive and easy to get...

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